Memorial App

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The Memorial app is a story about you, for those you love. An interactive autobiography/narrative and a message that is very personal and valuable, that can reach out to those who live on after your passing.

The Memorial app is divided into four main themes: movies, text, images and sound. As a designer/user of this app you can, together with a crisis broker, build stories for your loved ones. It can be divided into, for example, spouse/children/friends. You can also hand scan photos into the app, place and build parts of the text and insert audio files. 

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Professionally set up, build to last

In this app, there is included up to four meetings and eight hours with a crisis broker, which helps to record and edit the material, so that it is positioned correctly and safely. 

The material is stored in a secure database for 50 years, so the family can always turn on and receive a new, comprehensive version of The Memorial app.

Memorial App
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