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Virtual Lab ApS, with our staff of award winning developers, is driving towards becoming a market leader of innovative solutions for a broad range of IT products.

Virtual Lab
In terms of IT, anything is possible as long as the time and resources are allocated; Virtual Lab brings this idea to heart and we strive to implement the latest technological advances in our projects. With the successful usage of the Kinect for Windows in our “Virtual Rehabilitation” solution (winner of Microsoft Innovation Award 2013) as well as the consumer product “Virtual Dressing Room”, we maximize the usage of what was envisioned as an entertainment product and use it to better “quality of life”.

Kinect for Windows, Oculus Rift, 3D simulations/training software, mobile applications, augmented reality, educational tools and games, regardless of what platform or target market, we will create the solution that your firm needs.

Microsoft Innovation Award 2013 - Virtual Lab ApS
We have worked on solutions with clients ranging from Avanti, Maersk Training to the Danish municipalities, etc. In all cases, there was a need for close cooperation. The clients are the experts in their fields, and to create the very best solutions, we have to combine their expert knowledge with our expert knowledge in software development, content creation and implementation. This means that for optimal solutions, we communicate closely with the clients and we let the clients give instructions for our developers. Our developers have steered lifeboats, been swimming in zero degrees water, they have evacuated trough life rafts and have tried methods of transferring patients within the health care sector

About Virtual Lab
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