Virtual Dressing Room


We have created 3D scanning software that produces excellent results using only consumer products as the Kinect and a normal webcam. In fact, we believe we have done this better than anybody else has at this point.

It is possible to take any 3D scanning of a human (could be applied to other things as well) and automatically turn it into a ready to use, high quality parametric model, a process that would normally take days for artists. Poly optimization, rigging and uv-mapping is done in minutes. The texture from one scan can be perfectly transferred to another model, and parameters can be easily edited. A realistic skinny version of Schwarzenegger could be done in a matter of a few clicks.

Fusion Scanner employs the Microsoft Kinect camera to build a 3D polygonal model of an object revolving in front of it.
The Texturer is fed with the output from the Fusion Scanner and a homography that are used to apply the color information to the model.
Homography, as the name suggests, generates a homography given the input of a Kinect Camera and any external camera.
VDR Interface gathers together the so far listed project under a single interface, and allows the creation of a complete 3D textured model.

From concept to realization

Virtual Dressing Room (VDR) is made of four different independent projects:

“Fusion Scanner”, the scanning part.
“Texturer”, the texturing part.
“Homography”, an external camera calibration
“VDR Interface”, the interface.

Virtual Dressing Room
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