HLO Simulation

Communication, Simulation & Refuel

Virtual Lab ApS has developed PCS' (Personal Computer Simulations) where it is possible to train HLO's in refueling, radio communication and hand signs.

HLO Communication makes it possible to train communication procedures. HLO Simulation is an intuitive way of training the hand signs involved in guiding a helicopter. HLO Refuel makes it possible to train a helicopters refueling procedure, consequences are visually displayed if correct procedures are not followed.

The training can be repeated to improve competencies.

The first PCS to utilize the Kinect

Virtual Lab, striving to be at the forefront of technological development, utilized the Kinect for the first time in a PCS, to transform participant movements into actions in the program. 

It seemed almost self-explanatory to use this technology for the HLO simulation, giving an unprecedented level of realism.

HLO Simulation
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